Great atmosphere, community, diversity, and motivation are the pillars that set Pelayo Fitness apart. We help you to become the best physically fit version of yourself, including education and demonstration of proper form and technique with every class to prevent injury. We focus on inclusion and train all ages, all genders, and those challenged by disabilities.

Pelayo Fitness is about relationships. We have many clients who have been with us for more than 10 years and we work hard to maintain and build a solid partnership with every client. Our community-based gym provides a family atmosphere where you are welcomed, encouraged, inspired, motivated, and supported.

Our mission is to offer the best exercise program you’ve ever experienced. Period. A program that aligns your mind, body, spirit, and flow. We focus on communication and accountability, helping our clients reach a sustainable level of fitness that will ultimately result in a healthier lifestyle.

Athleticism is accessible to everyone.

Your Goals Are Important to Us

We help each individual reach their own personal fitness goals within a safe and supportive environment. Innovation drives us at Pelayo Fitness. Even during the pandemic, we’ve successfully scaled our classes to a virtual training model in the form of dynamic exercise that includes boxing, HIIT training, and yoga.

By taking care of yourself through dynamic exercise, stretching, and proper breathing, you can become more mobile and agile in your everyday life. Pelayo Fitness’s programs focus on strengthening your core and quads as these two vital muscle groups stabilize your balance and maximize your strength. Whether you strive to keep up with the grandkids or are training for a Spartan race, we have a program to meet your athletic goals.

We offer you:

Accountability without judgment.

New habits and self-discipline.

Scaled exercises that lift you to the next level of fitness.

Clear communication to help you stay motivated.

Shed the misinformation and self-doubt that prevent you from reaching your goals. Our program will transform your life for the better. During this time of social distancing, we are expanding our virtual classes so you don’t have to take a break from achieving your dreams.

Just show up and we will take care of the rest!

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“I love seeing how our clients grow and move forward in their fitness, which carries over in other areas of their lives. Working out boosts self-esteem, launching a positive mindset that helps create an overall healthier lifestyle. Seeing the positive changes that working out creates is amazing!”

– George Pelayo