Pelayo Fitness is pumped up for this month’s hike, which is happening on Sunday, July 19, 2020. We are organizing hikes on the third Sunday of each month and would love for you to join us. This month’s hike is the Black Star Canyon Trail and all the times and information are below. This is a dog-friendly trail.

Details for this month’s hike: Black Star Canyon Trail

Below are more details from Cris Hazzard, hiker extraordinaire. More information, including detailed directions and photos, is available at the Hiking Guy Website.

He says: “Hiking the Black Star Canyon trail is a local favorite for a reason. The trail follows Black Star Creek to Black Star Canyon Falls, and there’s a haunted history to ponder as you hike through this beautiful part of Black Star Canyon Wilderness Park. Hiking on the Black Star Canyon Trail can be a challenge, especially when it’s wet. This guide has everything you need to navigate the hike safely and get to the falls.”

Important notes about this hike:

  • There’s plenty of parking at the Black Star Canyon trailhead but it’s a popular hike, and the lot is sometimes full.
  • Long pants and long-sleeves are a good option — there’s a lot of poison oak along the trail.
  • If you plan to climb to the falls, remember any dogs you bring must climb the boulders too. Some of the rocks are sharp.
  • Mountain bikers like this trail, so keep an eye out for them on the first part of the hike.
  • There are rumors that Black Star Canyon is haunted.

For more on the recommended gear and the legends, click here to go to the Hiking Guy website.

Photos from some of our previous hikes:

Especially with this pandemic, it’s so healthy to get out into nature. Silverado Canyon is a beautiful spot. We hope to see you there!