This past Monday, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, ordered the re-closure of several types of businesses and indoor organizations, including fitness centers. While we are absolutely heartbroken for all of our friends who run these types of businesses, we consider ourselves very lucky. We have been running a very active virtual fitness program since March, and we are well-positioned to continue offering you amazing fitness options.

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Your Health Is Our #1 Priority

It is of utmost importance to all of us at Pelayo Fitness to keep everyone safe. In June, George moved all of his personal session and fitness activities to an open-air environment. In addition to that, Pelayo Fitness is observing the following COVID protocols:

  • Temperature checks
  • Social distancing
  • Disinfecting/sanitizing all equipment before and after each person’s use
  • Trainers wear face masks during training sessions
  • Face masks and non-latex gloves are available to clients free of charge
  • Coming this week: COVID questionnaires

Summer Specials

We have designed the Summer Specials listed below to get the entire family moving. As this pandemic continues, more and more people are choosing virtual fitness options to stay home and stay safe. Thankfully, our virtual schedule is still going strong five days a week.

Virtual fitness is easier than ever with our new Monthly Unlimited Virtual Subscription. For the price of our 10-Session packages ($100), you can now have a monthly subscription to attend unlimited virtual sessions. We will only be offering a limited supply of these, as a thank you for sticking with us during all the transitions this pandemic has required. Sign up below, before all the spots are taken!

Monthly Subscription Unlimited HIIT & Zoom

$100.00 per month (billed monthly)
Come to any Cardio/Boxing HIIT Class offered or online Zoom class.

Summer Special- 1 Adult & 1 Child Cardio Boxing HIIT Classes

$160.00 per month (billed monthly)
A family that sweats together, grows together! For three months, at $160 per month, you’ll get unlimited Cardio HITT Classes this summer for you and your child. Sign up quickly to take advantage of this!
Note: If you want to include more than one child, please add $60

These offers have no strings attached – there is no contract or enrollment fee. For the monthly Unlimited Subscription, 30-day written notice is requested to terminate the arrangement. If written notice is given before the 10th day of your current month, no other charges will be incurred. If given after that, one final month will be charged. We encourage you to attend as many classes as you can before your subscription terminates.

We encourage you to forward this information to all of your friends and family who wish to prioritize their health while staying at home! We hope to see you and your family in the gym this summer.