Virtual Zoom HIIT Class or Private Session

Pelayo Fitness Personalized Touch

Pelayo Fitness is a family-owned gym dedicated to providing customized personal one-on-one training and group training. Our goal is to provide knowledge and guidance on proper techniques and form. We help our clients reach a sustainable level of fitness that will ultimately result in a healthier lifestyle. We also focus is providing a family atmosphere community based gym, one where you feel welcomed, encouraged, inspired, motivated, and supported. We pride ourselves on communication and accountability for each and every one of our clients.

Virtual Zoom HIIT Class Descriptions

All classes start with a dynamic stretch, including Kids Class. This is followed up with a series of warm-ups before we begin high-intensity interval training (HIIT).


Real boxing techniques combined with HIIT, great for burning fat and self-defense.


Combined with strength and conditioning with core work benefits balance, posture, lean muscle development, and sustained energy throughout the day.


Nogi jiujitsu benefits are discipline, self-confidence, self-defense, and great for anti-bullying.