These last several months have been difficult for the entire world and many people are dragging. It’s hard to stay motivated with all these extra challenges and we can’t think of a time when self-care has been more important. Taking that walk, hiking in nature, and moving your body becomes vital when your spirit is tired.

The Oprah quote above resonates particularly this year. We’ve all struggled, and we’ve all found unexpected strength in our struggles.

We wanted to take a moment, as we celebrate our nation’s birthday, to also celebrate YOU. We are blessed you’ve joined us on our journey, and that you allow us to help you on your own journey to a healthier lifestyle. Your struggles will bring great strength!

Here in the US, with COVID case counts spiking, the usual Independence Day rules do not apply. There are no fireworks, and no parades…but there can be movement. Movement chases away those blues!

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We’ll enjoy the outdoors together on July 19th.

Happy 4th of July
From Pelayo Fitness!