About Us

The Pelayo Fitness Story

We believe athleticism is available to everyone. Part of athleticism is practicing self-care through dynamic exercise and stretching, coupled with proper breathing. You can become more mobile and agile in your everyday life.

Pelayo Fitness programs strengthen your core and quads, the two vital muscle groups that stabilize your balance and maximize strength.

Whether your goal is keeping up with the grandkids or training for a Spartan race, we have a program to meet your athletic goals. 

Our Vision for You

We challenge you with new and exciting combinations of exercise like you have never experienced before. We like to engage mind, body, spirit, and flow with an innovative fitness program.

We help you shed the old lies about food and self and create a proven, systematic process for every client who struggles to make a lifestyle change. Our program will transform your life for the better.

Our Values

We believe in excellence in everything we do. We personalize our training for every client, whether it’s one-on-one or each person in a group session.

We offer accountability without judgment. We are here to help create discipline and increase self-respect. If you show up, we will take care of the rest.

Meet The Founder

Pelayo Fitness began when George Pelayo was introduced to MMA at 15 years old. Learning a variety of skills in the gym laid the foundation for George’s successful career as a competitor.  For the past 20 years, George has excelled in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai boxing, jiu-jitsu, strength and conditioning, yoga, and meditation.

“I love seeing how our clients grow and move forward in their fitness, which carries over in other areas of their lives. Working out boosts self-esteem, launching a positive mindset that helps create an overall healthier lifestyle. Seeing the positive changes that working out creates is amazing!” – George Pelayo